Wrapping up SAS with mid-term project and kicking off R

This week I haven’t had a chance to go through the material provided for the R programming language. Since R is one of the most popular free (open-source) statistical language along with Python, both of which has a massive community of users, I am very excited to learn this language. …

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Final project of Term 1

My last week blog pretty much summed up my first term of the MSBA program at Wake Forest. This one will cover the last project of my first term. The final project for both classes – BAN 7001 Probability and BAN 7002 Analytical – were similar looking at loan data …

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Last week of First term

I always knew the MSBA program would be a bit of a challenge for me, given that I had no previous coding background. Also, the fast-paced learning experience hasn’t been that easy as well. These short three months of learning has been intense especially since I am back to school …

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Text Analytics

This week we learned about text analytics. Text analytics is one of the most powerful tools in analytics field because of its ability to analyze unstructured data. Unstructured data are things like text (from a video, document, voice recording, email, tweets, e.t.c.). Given that 80% of all the data is …

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Creating custom User Defined functions (UDF) and K-Means Clustering in R

This week we learned about writing our own custom functions in R. Lot of the packages that we use in R are functions created by other people, so learning to write our own functions is going to be really helpful in tackling specific problems to speed up the analyzing process. …

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Regression modeling with R

This week, we switched gears from basics of data wrangling process to build regression models using R programming language. Earlier, we learnt regression modeling using SAS programming language, and now we will do the same but using R. During the class exercise, we used R to rebuild our previous housing …

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