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Data Wrangling 2.0 with R

We’ve been studying R for two weeks now, and so far we have studied the basics – analyzing the data with simple plotting- creating histogram, …

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Basics of R programming language

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The journey of learning R programming language begins

Last week, we started R programming language, and to be honest, I’m very excited to be learning it. I had briefly written about it in …

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Wrapping up SAS and Beginning R programming language

This is Week 8 of the MSBA program, an end to our learning of SAS programming language and beginning of R programming language. Our SAS …

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Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.

A mini break to recharge mind and body for better learning. Week 7 is the July 4th long weekend, so this week we didn’t have …

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Building Multiple Linear Regression Model

Less of a Blog, More of a Note on Model Building This week we studied about Estimation and Regression. For estimation, we specifically looked at …

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Xiaoxuan Hou

Mohit was a great consultant to work with and a great mentor to learn from. He knows all the details about the analysis work and was able to articulate the insights in a very neat way. I enjoyed working with Mohit! Xiaoxuan Hou Consultant at Energy and Environmental Economics

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Kenneth Townsend

Mohit Shrestha is one of the finest analytical thinkers/modelers that I have worked with in the last 25 years. He and I did many projects together, from modeling and forecasting US economic activity to doing regional analysis for a variety of US and international projects. Mohit is adept in R, SAS, EViews, IMPLAN (Impact Analysis), and many other statistical and data analysis environments. He is a superb writer and speaker. There are comparatively few people …

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