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Final project of Term 1

My last week blog pretty much summed up my first term of the MSBA program at Wake Forest. This one will cover the last project …

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Last week of First term

I always knew the MSBA program would be a bit of a challenge for me, given that I had no previous coding background. Also, the …

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Creating custom User Defined functions (UDF) and K-Means Clustering in R

This week we learned about writing our own custom functions in R. Lot of the packages that we use in R are functions created by …

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Regression modeling with R

This week, we switched gears from basics of data wrangling process to build regression models using R programming language. Earlier, we learnt regression modeling using …

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Data Wrangling 2.0 with R

We’ve been studying R for two weeks now, and so far we have studied the basics – analyzing the data with simple plotting- creating histogram, …

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Basics of R programming language

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